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The Securities Industry Bellwether Minority Caucus’ mission is to connect ethnic minorities in Legal and Compliance careers, in the Securities Industry and Financial Markets.  The group was founded by a few senior African American professionals in the Securities Industries who called themselves Buttermilk Club. Their aim was to develop a more formal community of minority Legal and Compliance professionals in the Securities Industry and Financial Markets, who could provide networking and mentoring opportunities and serve as a voice to those most frequently unheard on “Wall Street” to permit its members to develop their careers and  become successful professionals and future leaders. SIBMC membership is open to all minority Legal and Compliance professionals, and students who are interested in the Securities Industry and Financial Markets.

Membership and Vision
Our members include lawyers and compliance professional at Wall Street Firms including Banks, Broker-Dealers and Hedge Funds; law partners and associates at large, medium and small law firms who service these Wall Street Firms; and regulators at the regulatory and self regulatory bodies that regulate these Wall Street Firms.  Notwithstanding the fact that we work with or for or to regulate “Wall Street” we are located throughout the country as “Wall Street” has developed into more of a concept than a location. We vary in seniority, political affiliations, racial, ethnic, social and economic backgrounds and personal goals. Individually we are managers and marketers, advisors and developers, however, as a Caucus we have a unified vision and we recognize that in both good times and bad, there is a business necessity for diverse points of views and that there is inherent value in having Wall Street reflect the look and values of Main Street.  We, therefore, seek to develop our members into Legal and Compliance leaders in the Securities Industry and Financial Markets with the ability and opportunity to shape tomorrow's global business.  

Corporate Information

Securities Industry Bellwether Minority Caucus (SIBMC) offers its members an opportunity to network and learn from, one of the fastest growing and influential talent pool in the business world. 


SIBMC membership is Open to all minority Legal and Compliance professions and students who are interested in the Securities Industry and Financial Markets.


As the most effective forum in developing Legal and Compliance leaders, SIBMC serves as the clearinghouse for information about relevant jobs, careers, & employment in the Securities Industry & Financial Markets.read_more

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